troubleshooting your fish hawk

Please refer to the following table to help you identify and correct some of the more common troubleshooting scenarios we encounter.

Possible Cause
Display won't turn on
The 1-amp in-line fuse is broken
Replace the 1-amp fuse found near the end of the power cord
No probe data appears on the display
The probe is out of the water
The probe is only on when in the water
The batteries in the probe are dead
Replace with fresh alkaline AA batteries
The transducer is not placed correctly on the transom
Locate the transducer in a spot on the transom where bubbles are minimized. Do not locate the transducer near a kicker motor. Make sure the transducer face is level with the water's
The Gain adjustment is set too low
Press the SET button on the display. The default setting is 15, use the arrow up key to increase the gain. The Gain may need to be set higher in water deeper than 150' or with cannon balls
The probe is too close to the boat
The probe needs to be at least 5-feet under the transducer
The probe temperature on the display reads 3.8 - 4.0
The thermistor tubes on the probe have been damaged
To prevent this from ever happening, remove the probe from the downrigger cable when not in use, or secure the probe tightly to the downrigger with a bungee. Unfortunately there is no way to repair the damage, the probe must be replaced.
Probe numbers on the display are erratic
Sonar interference from a 50 or 83 KHz transducer located next to the Fish Hawk transducer (70 KHz) on the transom.
The fastest way to eliminate this is to turn off the 50 KHz or 83 KHz beam on your fish finder ad. You can also try reducing the Gain setting on the Fish Hawk display by pressing the SET button and then the arrow down key, or separating transducer cables if tied together. The permanent solution is relocating the transducer away from other 50 or 83 KHz transducers on the transom.
Surface and probe numbers on the display are erratic
Electrical interference from the boat
Run the Fish Hawk display power cord directly to the boat battery and not through a fuse panel
The Fish Hawk display turns on or off when you start the engine.
There is an open ground in the power system
Replace the standard spark plugs with resistor value spark plugs