fish hawk testimonials

My Fish Hawk is the first thing in the water and the last thing out every day. From the surface to over 250 feet it is the best tool on my boat. On tournament day the Fish Hawk is the most important member of the crew. It has truly helped us be successful on the tournament trail. There is not a better trolling probe on the market than the Fish Hawk!

Captain Carl "Fuzzy Bear" Stopczynski
Michigan City, IN

Monitoring speed at the ball allows us to keep our presentation dancing at the correct speed. We’ve been using two nets on the boat just to keep up with multiple hook-ups directly related to using our Fish Hawk. Having temperature and speed information helps us be better anglers.
Thanks Fish Hawk!

Ron Winter
Lake Champlain, Vermont

I have been fishing the Great Lakes for 43 years and I started using Fish Hawk products in the 70's. They allow me to find watertemperature and trolling speedat all depths which are the most important aspects of GL fishing. Many of my customers have called back after trips and want to know where they can get Fish Hawk products. I would highly recommend Fish Hawk to improve your catch.

Captain Ed Retherford
Alpena, MI

I have relied on Fish Hawk units for over 20 years in my full time Lake Ontario Charter operation and during high stakes salmon tournaments. The reliability and ease of operation are unmatched in my opinion.

Captain Vince Pierleoni
Niagra Falls, NY

I have been a charter captain since 1988 and have tried all of the below-surface temperature and speed electronics on the market. I can say without a doubt, that none are better, more accurate or easier to use than the Fish Hawk product.

Captain Pete Alex
Erie, PA

In my years as a professional angler there isn't another piece of equipment that has helped us succeed more than the Fish Hawk. It was evident at the 2011 Pro Am salmon and trout tournament where we won because we kept a constant speed deeper than 100 ft. We had virtually no blow back on our probe rigger because we were able to use braided line.

Captain Yvan Charrois
Niagara, Ontario

I have been a charter captain and a pro tournament fisherman for years. I have relied on Fish Hawk to take the guess work out of making sure my lures are running at the correct speed and at the temperature that I am looking for. I cannot stress how important this unit is and how it will help you increase your catch on a daily basis.

Captain George Peplinski

I catch more fish with Fish Hawk! By knowing the speed of my lures while trolling, and the ideal temperature range to keep them in, I've been able to target bigger and better fish thanks to my Fish Hawk!

Captain Jerry Cox
Troy, MI

I use my Fish Hawk every trip out on Lake Michigan. Along with my GPS the Fish Hawk is the most important piece of electronics I own! It has helped me win multiple tournaments.

Capt. Russell Gahagan
Sheboygan, WI

The Fish Hawk TD is my favorite tool for catching salmon from my kayak. I use it every time I venture off-shore. It is simple, compact, eliminates unproductive water, and shows me exactly how deep I need to keep my baits.

Rob Wendel
Winthrop Harbor, IL

The Fish Hawk TD lets us know our spoons are fishing where the browns feed. Catching fish when others don't is a great feeling when you know it is not an accident!

Michael Harm
Kerns, Switzerland

The Fish Hawk X4+Depth is as instrumental in finding and catching fish as a sonar or GPS unit. The ability to know both water temperature and trolling speed at depth separates the men from the boys in the world of open water trolling.

Fishing 411 TV Host and Trolling Authority
Mark Romanack